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Saint Lucia police are again placed on the defensive, as a video surfaces on social media of police beating a subdued suspect. This video comes days following a video of a police-woman, brandishing a firearm at a minibus driver and threatening him. Wednesday’s video was captured by an onlooker...


A daring raid by robbers took place at CIBC’s Vieux Fort branch. The management of CIBC and the St. Lucia police force is saying nothing at this point about the robbery.  ...

One dead in Gros Islet st..

An altercation between a young man and a 16-year-old female in Gros Islet early Thursday morning may have led to the island’s latest homicide. Dead is 2-6-year-old Marley Williams, also known as ‘Moon Head’. The incident occurred on Marie Therese Street, Gros Islet, according to re...
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